Procurement Process

Step 1: Mutual NCNDA
  • Provide full names and emails
  • Initiated by Seller
  • Signed by all parties
Step 2: Buyer Submits Purchase Order with Signature

Purchase order to include the following info (templates provided if needed):

  • Ship to Address, including name of receiver and contact information
  • Product info including preferred brand, count, sizes, and specifications
  • Payment and Shipping Terms
Step 3: Proof of Funds (Lawyer to Lawyer)

Buyer’s lawyer must provide one of the following to the Seller’s lawyer:

  • Letter from Buyer’s attorney noting liquid funds
  • Escrow Letter
  • Bank Comfort Letter
  • Letter of Credit
  • Stand By Letter of Credit
  • Bank Statement
Step 4: Letter of Authorization
  • The Buyer must submit a letter authorizing the Seller to procure the requested product
  • The letter must include the buyer’s attorney’s information
Step 5: Seller Submits the P.O. and Proof of Funds to the Factory
Step 6: Buyer Receives Factory Response in 24-72 Hours
  • Buyer is provided an Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) to be signed
  • Buyer is provided a Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA)
  • Buyer is provided an Escrow Agreement
  • Buyer is provided a Delivery Commitment
  • Buyer is provided a Performance Guarantee (10% of contract value)
Step 7: Escrow Established
  • Wire instructions sent by Seller to Buyer
  • Buyer Funds Escrow
Step 8: Production Begins
  • Once funds are received in escrow, product production begins.
Step 9: Product Shipping
  • SGS is delivered
  • Bill of Lading is generated and delivered
  • Delivery ETA is provided
Step 10: Product Delivery & Funds Released
  • Product arrives at port of designation
  • Client inspects product
  • Funds released from escrow and transaction is complete within 24 hours of arrival

Production availability changes on a regular basis.

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